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About Us


Frances Xavier Parsons
  • President and Founder of Farming Heart Inc.
  • Head Farmer
  • Mission is to connect to the earth and each other through the experience we all can Grow from!  Farming Heart is an Organization that will help connect all races to each other through  hand to hand groundwork of Farming. We intend to explain throughout the local communities to help feed and teach generations to come. We pride ourselves to be the best we can through the food we eat. Marking a path to grow in the Fueiter.
Jevon Miller
  • Board member/Fitness coordinator 
  • Specialize: Dance fitness → Basic dance training, Choreographer 
  • Background: tap, jazz, hip hop, mime, african, latin, hand and line dance
  • Basic sports training 
  • Background: football, basketball, hockey, soccer, track, tennis
  • Teacher/mentor
  • Youth – adult 
  • Behavioral health 
  • Our approach to health and nutrition is also scripturally based, while emphasizing the importance of good eating and dieting habits. Both, adults and children benefit greatly as the families learn through application these life changing truths that create the quality of life God intends for us when we take heed to His word by applying it in our everyday activities. Healthy practices create the type of wealth that money can’t buy. This type of wealth comes from being made whole; as the mind, spirit and body are placed in one accord through the unity of faith.
Darryll Hargrove
  • Board Member/V. President Farmer’s Heart
  • Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Potter’s Hands Food Outreach

Aggressively change your own condition. Strive for authenticity and honesty in living one’s life. Dare to be epic and proud. Take responsibility for life choices and their outcomes. Never give up!


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