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Our Mission

To empower people by building sustainable community gardens, connect to the earth and each other, while providing life skills support and workforce development through neighborhood revitalization and beautification.

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1200 W Vineyard Rd, Phoenix, 85041

Our Vision


As a change agent for healthy living,  Farming Heart envisions a healthy community where all citizens can reach their maximum potential.


Our Values

Farming Heart Quote;

Aggressively change your own condition. Strive for authenticity and honesty in living one’s life. Dare to be epic and proud. Take responsibility for life choices and their outcomes. Never give up.

Our Purpose

We motivate communities to better themselves from within. In South Phoenix and other challenged communities where we work, there are high patterns of incarceration, bad health choices and a low ranking education system. To combat these challenges, we restore pride in community through the beautification of vacant lots. 

We provide youth with skills to prepare for employment and a better life. We provide On the Job Development Landscaping, Farmers Market and Community Garden initiatives to an inter-generational, multi-ethnic team of participants who are in need of job-ready skills. Finally, we inspire a much needed strong spirit of volunteerism & community engagement!

Join us by cultivating, planting and harvesting the seeds (people and plants) of change in our communities.




What we can learn

Many people want to support local farmers. There also is the belief that local food leaves a smaller carbon footprint and is better for the environment. We want to teach people how to use everyday things you can grow from, or show you some of our tricks and tips to make it easy and fun to grow with your family!

This trend is driven in part, by the idea that produce has to travel fewer miles between the farm and the table and often will taste better and retain more nutrients. Fruit that can ripen longer on the plant generally tastes better, and small farmers tend to produce varieties that are more favorable, albeit less able to stand travel across the country.


We have classes everyday! If you want to learn, we will be happy to help! We have the time if you dont mind getting dirty with us. Call or email us for individual classes or group classes. We show you how to keep your food healthy in the ground and in your body. We have a ton of people that will be here to help you and your family live their best life through Farming Heart!

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